John Adams

Middle School

College Research

How to find online sources:

  1. John Adams Middle School homepage
  2. Academics
  3. Library Media Center
  4. 6th Grade College Research Project


To do:

Step 1: Interest Generator (Survey)

  1. Minnesota State Careerwise Education link 
  2. Get started
  3. Answer the 60 questions (strongly dislike, dislike, unsure, like, or strongly like)
  4. Explore your “Interest Profile Results”
    1. Realistic
    2. Investigative
    3. Artistic
    4. Enterprising
    5. Conventional
  5. Education level (please click the fourth box...“High Preparation Needed/4-year degree”)
  6. View careers and majors
  1. Explore these (write any of interest to you)


Step 2: U.S. News

  1. Type your college of choice (or explore the “best colleges”)
  2. Find (and write) the following information:
  1. Rank
  2. Tuition (how much would it cost for 4 years?)
  3. Location (city and state)
  4. Other interesting information


Step 3 & 4: Britannica & World Book

  1. Type your college of choice (or major or profession)
  2. Find (and write) any interesting information


Step 5: Campus Tours (

  1. Type your college of choice (or state)
  2. Take a virtual tour 
  3. Find (and write) any interesting information


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