John Adams

Middle School

Chapter 10: Sodbusters

Chapter 10 projects


Project #1: Organization Seals

Organizations use seals with symbols on them to illustrate their goals or values. Values are the principles or qualities that a person (or group of people) thinks are important. The Grange that you learned about in chapter 10 had their own seal. This seal includes many symbols that represent what was important to the Grange:

  1. Two symbols of patriotism: a shield with a flag on it and an eagle
  2. A symbol of liberty: a woman with a sword, shield, cap, and wreath made of leaves
  3. A symbol of justice: a blindfolded woman carrying a scale and a sword
  4. A symbol of plenty: a horn-shaped container with fruits and vegetables spilling out of it
  5. Three symbols of farmers: a farm man, a farm woman, and a scene of plowing a field

Your job:

Create a seal with symbols that represent the goals or values of your family, school, or another group to which you belong.


At least four symbols

Full color

Full page

A paragraph (3-5 sentences) explaining why you chose the symbols that you chose

Project #2: Create a New Town

Create your own town and see how you would fare as a town developer.


Your job:

Follow the instructions on the worksheet, adding to your town as you go.

*Use pages 210-215 in the textbook to help guide your thinking



Make a brochure or poster that convinces people to move to your town. Include the following information:

  1. Natural resources your town has
  2. The types of workers your town needs
  3. How much land will cost
  4. What makes your town special


Now try one of these websites to create a town!



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