John Adams

Middle School

Chapter 2: Evidence from the Past

1. Read chapter 2 (pages 10-20)

2. Create a PowerPoint

a. Vocabulary: define the following 8 vocabulary terms in your own words, include a picture. Then, write a short story including each term. Each vocabulary term with its picture should be on a separate slide, as should the story.

petroglyph                 elder
oral history
scientific method

b. Timeline: 
find a picture representing each of the following years. Each event should be represented on separate slides.

From page 10
16,000 BCE
10,500 or 10,000 BCE
5000 BCE
200 CE
600 CE
1100 CE

From page 16
10,000 - 8000 BCE
7000 - 5000 BCE
3000 - 500 BCE
200 BCE - 1300 CE

c. Using the maps on page 13 and what you read in the chapter, explain how the geography of Minnesota has changed over the years. This should be a new slide.

d. Essential Question: What do we know about Minnesota's past. Use evidence from this chapter. This should be a new slide. 

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