John Adams

Middle School


1.Read your assigned section from the textbook.
2.Write any vocabulary that goes with your section (the term and definition)
3.Write a 2 sentence summary of your section. 
4. Present your findings to the class

Sections (with page numbers)
What is Civics? (466)
Citizenship in the United States (466)
What is a Citizen? (467)
How do People Become U.S. Citizens? (468)
Role of Government (468)
Levels of Government and Federalism (468)
The U.S. Constitution and Amendments (469)
Three Branches of Government (470)
Minnesota Executive Branch: Enforcers of Law (470)
Minnesota Judicial Branch: Interpreters of Law (470)
Minnesota Legislative Branch: Makers of Law (472)
Paying for Minnesota's Government (473)
Local Government in Minnesota (474)
County Government (475)
City Government (475)
Township Government (476)
School District Government (477)
Laws (478)
Civil Versus Criminal Laws (478)
Laws at each Level of Government (478)
Minnesota's Juvenile Justice System (479)
Crimes and Consequences (479)

Persuade an audience to vote for you by writing a campaign speech.

Write a speech (4 paragraphs, each paragraph 3-5 sentences)

Paragraph 1: Who are you? What are you running for?
Paragraph 2: What personality traits do you have that make you a good candidate? Why should we vote for you? (3-5 things)
Paragraph 3: What will you do to make a difference? How will you improve life? (2-3 things)
Paragraph 4: How will you convince us to vote for you?

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