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Middle School


Students are expected to read for 30 minutes every night. They should be filling out their book log and reflection forms at school as they complete books.


Our weekly agenda will be listed under the Language Arts and Social Studies tabs as a sub-page on the left by Sunday each week. This lets you know what we are going to cover during the week, and what projects we're currently working toward completing. I do not assign much homework, but if I do it will be indicated there. I give enough class time to complete any tasks. Most of the time, the only way your child should have more homework than just to read each night is if they were absent or did not use their work time efficiently during class and therefore has fallen behind. If you cannot find the Agenda pages please let me know and I'll help you.


I use Standards Based Grading on a 0-4 scale. What you'll notice is all of the standards we are covering each quarter are listed. As we complete assignments, I'll update grades to show how your child is progressing within several standards. Some standards may appear blank for a while and that just means that we haven't covered it yet, or that we haven't done any assignments where I could assess standard mastery. If you see a blank grade do not worry, it does NOT mean your child is missing an assignment. If your child has a "0" on any assignment, that means we did an assignment and your child did not turn it in so they did not demonstrate any mastery of the subject. The ONLY WAY a "0" will be listed is if your child did not hand in the project that we did. If you see a "1" or a "2" that means your child turned in the assignments, but didn't master the standard to some degree. Don't worry - when this happens we keep working until they master it. If you see a "3" it means your child turned everything in and has mastered the standards. I also list our major assignments as a "check mark" grade so you know if they have completed their assignments. I only assess standards, so they will not receive an actual grade for projects but they will get credit for mastering the skills we are covering with that task. I know this can be confusing so if you have questions, please ask!

I keep my Skyward up to date. Typically assignments are entered into Skyward within a day or two of their due date. An exception is if a longer paper was due, it takes me a little bit longer to read through all of the papers, but even in this case they are entered within a week. However, if assignments are turned in LATE, it may take a little longer for it to appear on Skyward because I need to stay caught up on assignments that are turned in on time. Waiting until the last week of the quarter to check your Skyward is not a good plan, because it gets hard for you to catch up at that point. Additionally, if many people turn in all of their work on the last week of the quarter, it will take me longer to enter grades due to the volume of late work, which potentially will mean your Skyward isn't up to date leading up to the last day of the quarter. The best way to stay on top of your assignments and to make sure your Skyward is accurately reflecting your grade is to turn things in on the due dates and to ask me RIGHT AWAY if you think there is an error. Don't wait until the last day of the quarter or sometimes it is very hard to fix. I'm here to help you, so come talk to me.

Students: If you are ever wondering about a missing assignment on Skyward, please consider the following:

-Did I do the assignment? (If you answered no - then we've solved the problem! :) If you need another copy, ask me.)
-Am I totally positive my name was on it? (If you answered no - check the no-name bin, I can't give you credit unless I know it is yours!)
-Did I turn the assignment in to the turn-in bin? (If you answered no - turn it in. The only place I check for assignments is the turn-in bin in the classroom.)

After considering the questions above, ask me about it (my first response is going to be to ask you the questions above so it is helpful if you have already asked them yourself).
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