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What is a Science Journal?
What is a Science Journal? 

Students are required to have a science notebook. Seventy pages are recommended. This notebook is used ONLY for science work. The notebook must be brought to science class every day and HOME for studying every night as well. Students study and review their notes at home EVERY night, except when turned into the teacher for notebook checks. 

Inside the front cover, the student will write in heavy black marker, his/her first name, last name, and science class period. The first three sides of paper (1 1/2 sheets) are for the table of contents. Each side of the paper will be numbered in PENCIL on the outside corner. 

As the school year progresses, notes will be assigned a page number and listed in the table of contents for easy reference. The student will write a title at the top of each page as entries occur and date the outer corner. 

Science journals are a national recommendation. The structure of the journal is to help students with organization and to help improve communication within the classroom and home environment. It also enforces scietific documentation. (This particular structure was the result of collaboration between a number Rochester science teachers attending a workshop on teaching techniques for English language learners and was expanded in a vertical science grant.) Journal page numbers will be referenced on the assignment portion of Mrs. Las' website. A physical notebook sample will be kept in the science classroom. Parents are highly encouraged to check student notebooks on a regular basis.
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