John Adams

Middle School

Lessons and Assignments
Weekly Format: 
Monday - Planners 
Wednesday - Assignments due
Friday - Assessment (Quiz)



This week:

Monday (9/18) – Monday Opener/Planners, Enter lab data in to Google Classroom database, Sticks, Active discussion, Grading

Tuesday (9/19) – Zork bell ringer, Rotation and Revolution definitions on page 7, Vocabulary act outs (other vocab: Orbit)

Wednesday (9/20) – Earth's 23 1/2 degree tilt and seasons, notebook page 8 (vocab: Solstice, Equinox)
DUE TODAY - Notebooks up to date

Thursday (9/21) – Lab: Light angles and shadows notebook page 9

Friday (9/22) – Quiz: Water on Zork Lab, Lab Practical: Rotation & Revolution, Textbook structure

DUE NEXT Wednesday – Google Classroom Seasons Review


This week:

Monday (9/11) – Monday Opener/Planners, Remembering Jessica -  former JA student killed in 911, Science notebook set up - This is due Wednesday!

Tuesday (9/12) – Top 13 Discoveries in Astronomy - page 4 in notebooks

Wednesday (9/13) – "Is there water on Zork?" Lab - part I (NOTE: Your contract must be in to participate in this lab.)
DUE TODAY - Contract of Understanding, All About Me in Google Classroom, Science notebook set up

Thursday (9/14) – "Is there water on Zork?" Lab - part II

Friday (9/15) – "Is there water on Zork?" Lab - discussion
(no quiz this week) 

DUE NEXT Wednesday – Notebook Check #1


This week:

Monday (9/4) – no school

Tuesday (9/5) – Introduction

Wednesday (9/6) – Introduction to classroom procedures, Contract of Understanding (due 9/13)

Thursday (9/7) – Classroom procedures continued, Introduction to Google Classroom

Friday (9/8) – Media Center to work on assignment in Google Classroom (due 9/1

DUE NEXT Wednesday – Contract of Understanding, All About Me in Google Classroom


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