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Works Cited Guides and Tools

Citing a source? 

At the bottom of the page is instant help for citing sources.

Want to try other websites?  Some helpful sites (and a pdf helping doc.) are below.

>OWL MLA Formatting Guide:
Purdue U.'s Online Writing Lab (( Purdue's amazing formatting site, with lots of examples - google OWL + MLA)

((The OWL may also help you think about and evaluate the sources you find - click here.))

>Easybib -  helps you create citations and a works cited page. 

>Bibme - helps you create citations, site has "quick start" instructions.

>Son of Citation Machine (one of the early bib. web sites)

>Link to a PDF of the WORKS CONSULTED FORMAT document below.
Works cited helping document in pdf format.pdf


Need a PDF reader? Click here.


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(D. Plager 5-8-09 – Thanks Diane!) 

Use the following modified MLA style to complete the works cited used for your research project. All sources must appear on the works consulted in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. If works cited information takes more than one typed line, then double space and indent 5 spaces all successive lines of that entry. Double-space between entries. If you have any questions, ask.

 1. BOOK

Author (last name, first name). Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date. Medium.


Schmitz, Daniel James. Dogs of the World and the History of over 100 breeds. New York:

        Random House, 2006. Print.



Author (last name, first name). “Title.” Name of encyclopedia. Date. Medium.


Ellenz, Robert R. “Dogs.” World Book Encyclopedia. 2009. Print.



Author (last name, first name). “Title.” Original Source of Article. Date: pages. Medium. Name of

Database. Name of service. Medium. Date accessed.


Kasten, Richard. “The Life of Lassie.” Time. 17 Aug 2008: 42-48. SIRS Discoverer. SIRS

Discover on the Web. Web. 9 Sept. 2008.



Author (last name, first name). “Title of Article.” Name of sponsoring organization. Medium. Date accessed.



Amunud, Kathryn A. “Greyhounds.” National Breeder’s Association. Web. 22 May 2008.




Author (last name, first name). “Title of Article.” Magazine Date: pages. Medium.



Eglinton, Jeanne. “Breeding for speed.” Breeders Choice 15 Apr. 2009: 61-65. Print.

 ((Page 2 follows))

 Rules to Follow when Typing Up Works Consulted


The works cited includes all of the sources you have cited (referred to) in your text.  It does not include any sources you may have read or studied but didn’t use (that’s a bibliography).  Begin the works cited on a new page (at the end of the report), and number it, as you do the report.  The following describes the format of the Works Cited:


  1. Center the title Works Consulted one inch from the top; then double-space before the first entry.


  2. Begin each entry flush with the left margin.If the entry runs more than one line, double space between lines and indent additional lines five spaces.


  3. Double-space between entries.


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