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Welcome to 7th grade band!

Grade 7, Playing Year: 2  (to be completed by the end of grade 7)

Prior to beginning 7th grade skills, student should display accomplishment of 6th grade benchmarks, or demonstration of continual improvement toward these goals.  In the case of a 7th grade beginner, student must study privately over the previous summer to gain prerequisite skills.

TEXT: Essential Elements, BOOK I (finishing) and 2 (first half)

*I can continue to assemble, care for, and handle my instrument properly, using necessary supplies to do so.

*I can identify repair needs on my instrument, and report to parents/band director as necessary in a timely manner.

*I can continue a productive practice routine at home focusing on advancing skills.

*I can identify and practice measures of needed improvement in my band book and concert songs.

*I can consider private lessons as a resource to enhance my skills and to study skills not taught in the full band setting.

*I can read, count, and play:  single eighth notes and rests, dotted rhythm notes and rests, and 16th note rhythmic combinations of notes and rests.

*I can understand advancing tied notes (note releases, syncopation, etc.)

*I can count and play syncopation with the help of my instructor.

*I can count and play in cut-time.

*I can write in the counting for band book and concert songs.

*I can read, write, and play the Bb, Eb, Ab, F, and C concert scales and arpeggios, two octaves

where appropriate.

*I can interpret a fingering chart to play a one-octave chromatic scale.

*I can understand and recite enharmonic relationships (C#/Db, etc.).

*I can understand the concept of the order of sharps and flats.

*I can read Bb, Eb, Ab, F, and C concert key signatures, and follow these key signatures to play correct notes within a song.

*I can understand and perform: D. S. al Fine and D. S. al Coda.

*I can perform and identify the articulations: staccato, tenuto/legato, and marcato.

*I can interpret the following dynamics: ff, pp, sfz, and fp.

*I can describe and play the following tempos and expressions: Maestoso and Rallentando/Ritardando.

*I can change tempos, time signatures, and key signatures during a piece of music with the help of my conductor.

*I can express music using phrases, and respond to more complex conducting gestures.

*I can listen for, and react to: tuning, style, phrasing, balance, and blend.

*I can understand and respond to the elements of music including melody, harmony, texture, and form.

*I can play basic alternate fingerings (reeds).

*I can play advancing lips slurs (brass) and octave/over the break slurs (woodwinds).

*I can demonstrate the concept of buzz/play on the mouthpiece (brass).

*I can explore jazz band or a small group ensemble as a way to further develop my skills.

*I can perform music of different styles on a concert.

*I can sightread music of different levels and styles

*I can display appropriate concert etiquette during performances, either as a listener, or as a performer

Percussion: In addition to the goals above, performance techniques will be developed with at-

                home practice on percussion kit (snare drum/pad and mallets) in the following areas:

*Snare rudiments: Drag, single drag tap, flamacue

*Auxiliary percussion/timpani: as needed in method book and sheet music.

*Mallet percussion: continual development of sightreading short melodies.     

Students can choose to seek enrichment opportunities or adaptions within the music with the direction from their instructor at any point during the year.

7th grade band handbook 2017-2018.pdf

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