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Middle School

6TH GRADE BAND Monthly Studies
Welcome to 6th Grade Band!

September studies:
*How to assemble, care for, and handle the instrument properly.
*How to identify the supplies needed for the instrument to work properly.
*How to develop a healthy practice routine at home.
*How to use performance posture and correct hand position while playing.
*How to buzz a note, siren, and match a pitch on the mouthpiece (brass).
*How to buzz a short melody on the mouthpiece (brass).
*How to play F# (clarinet), G# (saxophone), and A (flute) on the mouthpiece/headjoint.
*How to produce a steady, characteristic sound on the instrument, free of tension.
Percussion: (In addition to the goals above.)
*How to perform with matched grip and correct hand position when playing.
*How to play the basic stroke.

October studies:
*How to match a note or melody with the voice.
*How to imitate a note or notes and a rhythm after the instructor plays (call and response).
*How to use the tongue to start the notes.
*How to read and write the first 5 notes on the staff.
*How to count, play and write: whole, half, and quarter notes and rests.
Percussion: (In addition to the goals above.)
*How to play 8th notes and 8th rests.
*How to describe and perform the following rudiments: single stroke roll, multiple bounce/buzz stroke, single paradiddle

6th grade band handbook, 2017-2018.pdf
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