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Middle School

7TH GRADE BAND Monthly Studies
Welcome to 7th grade band!

September studies:
*Section and large ensemble team building.
*Review on how to assemble, care for, and handle the instrument properly, using necessary supplies to do so.
*Review on identifying repair needs on the instrument.
*Review on continuing a productive practice routine at home focusing on advancing skills.
*How to read, count, and play: single eighth notes and rests.
*How to identify and perform the articulations: staccato, tenuto/legato, and marcato.

October studies:
*Section and large ensemble team building (where is the melody?)
*How to identify and practice measures of needed improvement in the band book and concert songs.
*How to understand advancing tied notes (note releases, syncopation, etc.)
*How to count and play syncopation with the help of the instructor.
*How to write in the counting for band book and concert songs.
*How to interpret a fingering chart to play a one-octave chromatic scale.
Percussion: In addition to the goals above, the following rudiments will be reviewed and tested: single stroke roll, double stroke roll, multiple bounce stroke roll, 5-stroke roll, 9-stroke roll, paradiddle, flam

7th grade band handbook 2017-2018.pdf

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