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8TH GRADE BAND Monthly Studies
Welcome to 8th grade band!

Assignments week of  10/2/17-10/8/17
Student progresses toward performance of fast 6/8 time signature (in class).  
Work staccato articulations on march.
Assignments week of  10/2/17-10/8/17
8th grade scale sheet handed out
Assignments week of  10/2/17-10/8/17

6/8 rhythm worksheet
Assignments week of 9/25/17-10/1/17

Review of accent.
Begin concert piece: Valiance
Assignments week of 9/18/17-9/24/17
GOOGLE CLASSROOM UPLOAD: C Concert Scale, Percussion rudiments: Record and upload 9-stroke roll, double paradiddle
Assignments week of 9/11/17-9-15/17

GOOGLE CLASSROOM UPLOAD: Bb Concert Scale, Percussion rudiments: Single stroke roll, double stroke roll, multiple bounce stroke roll, paradiddle, flam

General September studies:
*Section team building.
*How to understand the basic concept of flat or sharp and know how to adjust the pitch by adjusting the mouth position and tuning slide (foot pedal timpani) with the use of a tuner and by listening to sound waves.
*How to play the C concert scale and arpeggio, two octaves where appropriate.
*Review of how to transpose concert scales for the instrument when required (clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, french horn).
*How to relate scale pitches to numerical values 1-8, and apply this to all known scales.
Percussion (in addition to concepts listed above):
Review of the following rudiments: Single Stroke Roll, Double Stroke Roll, Multiple Bounce Roll, Five-Stroke Roll, Nine Stroke Roll, Seventeen-Stroke Roll, Single Paradiddle, Double Paradiddle, Flam, Flam Tap, Flam Paradiddle, and Flam Accent.

General October studies:
*Class discussion on concert pieces.
*Review of syncopation and cut time, and application to sightreading on songs.
*Review of accent, staccato, legato/tenuto and application to sightreading on songs.
*Review of how to play the Bb, Eb, Ab, and F scales, two octaves where appropriate.
*How to count and play in slow and fast 6/8.
Percussion (further review of rudiments listed above)

8th grade band handbook 2017-2018.pdf
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